Monday, 11 October 2010

Ten Little Facists


Ten little facists went out with no spine,

One twit slipped a disc then there were nine.


Nine little facists scurried out to hate,

One mug wore too much fake tan then there were eight.


Eight little facists goose-stepped up to heaven,

One pratt noticed God was black then there were seven.


Seven little facists baking brownie mix,

One nonce tried to punch the dough then there were six.


Six little facists dancing the hand jive,

One pleb danced the cissy strut then there were five.


Five little facists felt they were above the law,

One dunce forgot freedom of speech then there were four.


Four little facists on a march in gay Paris,

One fool pissed on Charles de Gaulle then there were three.


Three little facists harassing Jimmy Choo,

One prink fell for Haute-Couture then there were two.


Two little facists bleached their hair in the sun,

One plank missed his brunette roots then there was one.


One little facist boy left all alone,

He went out and lynched himself and then there were none…

Speak out against facism. Speak out against idiots. Make your Voice heard.

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