Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cold War Cook

He started the tape again.
Why was the voice playing back so coquettish yet dictating a recipe from behind the Iron Curtain. Sure, we all know now that there are genius' around the world who somehow intrinsically chance upon a new discovery at the exact same point in time in different corners of the globe... but seriously a Lebanese chef in 1950's Russia creating a smorgasbord of culinary treats made from the most tropical of foods. He still shudders at the inherent beauty of  unsolved mysteries.
He paused the tape to listen to the last sentence again. Stop. Rewind. Stop. Play
"Sauté the breadfruit and cane sugar with the rice" cooed the savant queen of the kitchen, "and ensure the sweet-potato dauphinois is simmering gently". Sweet potato dauphinois? That's a luxury even today in 21st Century Avalon, how can this cold war cook be describing such delicacies when her situation warrants no more than stale bread and gruel on rations. A noise at the far end of the library made him start, the 3 men approaching looked suitably unpleasant and of military stock. His hand moved swiftly to his bag searching for the last remnants of Chew-Me-Happy™ but to no avail, he'd used the last of it to escape the Head-Librarian. DAMN! As the 3 brutes flanked him and he removed the aural-implants he felt a pang of longing for sound of the tape but the hands around his neck woke him from his daydream.
"Hello chaps, what can i do for you? I was jus....." SNAP!
The spools of the tape spun idly until the last remnants of magnetic matter passed over the head. The hypnotic recipes ceased.

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