Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Sumptuous Eaves

................tell tale signs of brave kids were everywhere…just when you thought you’d seen it all!
There was a fillipino boy cradling St.Elmos Fire for sustenance or a Celt preteen trusting herself with knive.
Here was bravity, here was undulance…here were the hopeful
Some pushed to get a better visual aid like closeness, others chose to succumb to taste. They soon got tired of yelling but i was not alone. I pressed on focusing only on the pantry and its rude guest, somehow my face began to garner. They gathered my thought and pressed on once more….whistful shits,,,,
The mess quarters were crammed full of Jipsom Wags and Dope Fiends. Do I have to repeat the ol’ Chinese proverbs of yester sound? If so what accent would you prefer?
Clammy Caucasian…Nitpicky Negroid…Moorish Mongoloid…..Boisterous Rape?
——————– Break here for pie…go on you love a pie… you with your puce eyes. -----------------


A hellish wind swept through like a hidden crate, my never ever wantoness sought out the currantly bun of the strange place. I followed with harm.

We came out.

Not the best time what with us gay boys being blamed for the worlds ills and even El Nihno being given the characterization of a camp Terry Nutkins!
“Tsunami Hits Sri Lanka with affected mannerisms”
“Millions killed by Oversized Pink Tinged Cyclone”
“Swine Flu attacks US with limp wristed ferocity”
“Tommy Dodds and Shitten Pricks melt ice caps bybrachioproctic eroticism”
…..AIDS was just the next obvious step
You think highly of yourself don’t you with your glands all up….sweating and protruding under your chin..yocoming down with something friend, gonna get all infected and ill or are you just overtired….showing off in front of your friends…it’s ok she hasn’t slept….overtired? Rest your head little one. Crack off some pitted glee and sink into your proud timidness. Blind leading the blind my arse!

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