Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Arbitary Angles - An Ode To Ray Parker Jr.

We fall upon deaf ears, you and me.
We run a marathon, arm in arm but there’s no one there to see.
We collapse; fall in heaps at a finish line that holds no glory.
We rub elbows with the gods but get sidelined by humanity.

I wished you into existence with a Niceday Soft Click as my wand,
I prayed for clever and sassy and you materialised. Praise be to Biro.
I bathed in ecstasy & used an LSD loafer to negate the grime.
I wandered through your mind and fucked you on paper.

You welcomed me, tasted my inky secretion and called me Dad,
You parted vulvic canals of inspiration and gestated my ideas in your womb.
You played the part of mother, daughter, wife and mistress to me.
You never loved me. You never loved me.

He came to you in the third trimester of my greatest idea,
He deformed our child with his Crichton style characterisations,
He raped our child’s beauty and intellect with his Stan Lee thought bubbles.
He stole originality from me. He stole my child from me. He can have you.

We throw caution to the wind, you and me, eh reader?
We’ve tasted the battery acid at the edge of our minds.
We die; shadows in the winds of creative creations.
We rub elbows with the gods but get sidelined by humanity.

Who are we gonna call?
Who are we going to call?

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