Saturday, 3 September 2011

Don't Fret My Love

Bottom E, that’s the first girl that you kissed
A harmonious little thing that you thought you needn’t miss
She never broke your heart or argued all night
She rings out the longest, though you left her out of sight.
Next up is A, the first real girlfriend you had
She just wasn’t special enough to meet Mum and Dad,
Courting was fun but she was just a stepping stone
A note within your love chord, left all alone
D came along like a storm of lust and fire
A note unto herself with no need for dull attire
Every song was passionate & you partied every night
But the chord was loved by everyone, say goodbye to the light
Gorgeous little G, a ripe chance for a rebound
A jolly little chord where solace always can be found
She warmed you in your bed and helped to ease the pain
But without a song to sing, sunshine quickly turned to rain.
B caught your eye and held your heart just like a vice
A cacophony of notes though you’d only met her twice.
Every minor little key left you crying out for more
But her ballad chequered past meant you shut her out the door
And now top E, the sweetest fragile sound
The easiest to break but the loveliest you’ve found.
Her place in every chord brings brightness to your song
Yet she’s identical to your first kiss and you’ve known her all along.

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