Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Meaning of Live

I wandered lonely as a froud. All warm and full of hope
I remember it like it was soon, afraid by Julian Cope.

Leapt-up, Jumped-up and sodded.... like a dog?
Chrimean War and shouting flouth edible, Mary Anne Hobbs.

We loved old guys like Tolstov and we hampered William Blake,
Showed off our prose and shit, In only just one take.
Well one take if you count missing the Gulf War
But if we’re including that then I reckon bout take fifty four.
Actually that’s an oversight we were probably only in the studio for a day
Maybe only couple of hours but that is by the way.
Technically we didn’t even write much of the prose, it was nicked from Stoppard, Tom,
If you think about it though, he can’t write that well so we’re the fucking bomb,
It’s not that I don’t like his plays but he’s just a bit of a dick,
I suppose that doesn’t mean he’s not any good it just means he’s a dick
But look at my legend BA he’s an absolute acrid fuck
But he rocks out with best, 18 til I Die was well truck
Not the Robin Hood song but his early stuff is awesome and shouldn’t be disregarded by rock fans, I mean everyone writes a few ballads and they’re mainly awful but Bryan has done some fucking good tracks, that one about being the only thing that looks good on him gets me strumming everytime. Fucking excellent. Rest.

Imagine there’s no trout filters, it isn’t hard to do
A world of slitting shroud haters, and no Fergal Sharky too.
Where would you place someone with that name
In class they would probably get slutted upon….shame.
Imagine all the flouth shouters and the things that we missed
Rod Hull didn’t even know Maddy and he still makes my list.
God can you imagine not being aware of the trial of M. Mcann?
Hendrix never met her and Cobain might not have used that gun.
If he’d known about her plight would he have pulled the trigger?
If she’d done it earlier would Nirvana be any bigger.
My heart shaped box is coerced, a peripheral noun factory
His heart shaped face is on display on Cannery Row, don’t you know?
I know, you know but how does the message spread
If you knew the tale of Kurt Cobains head...
First it was examined and prenutped by Ms Love
Then the papers helped her career with a rape not a shove,
Meanwhile the head fell fell cold and resembled medium meat
Dave Grohl opened the doors to the pros and cons of jewish pleat.
I died, you died ….he die

This was Alexander Packard Bell's tutting dream.

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